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More race car wraps!

Porsche’s are a staple at Superior Auto Design. They are awesome blank canvases that look good no matter what you do to them. Our client at MGM Motorsports wanted a crazy Joker themed race car. We took the designs from other cup cars and made it our own.

We used several layers of 3m‘s 1080 material. We designed the pattern and used our commercial Graphtec plotting machine to cut the shapes out. Many shops use knifeless tape and do the project by hand but our advantage is we can guarantee each side matches 100% because we create the designs on our computer program. Contact us for more information about your build!

As a full custom shop, we have the ability to build your ride to your exact specifications. Check out Project Hollywood RWB here #

With our service you can see the quality to which we wrap our vehicles. We wrap thinking that the car will have to last years and years. We want it to look  the same 3-5 years down the road.

Check out our services page to see what other things can be done while your vehicle is at our shop.

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